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A Different Fun for the Whole Family in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is not just casinos and everything that off limits to children. Las Vegas is also home to amazing interactive aquariums that people of all ages can enjoy. So the next time you and your family are planning a weekend getaway, consider the SeaQuest experience for a weekend of fun and adventure while learning about the remarkable creatures you never know exist.


There are many reasons why you should take your family to SeaQuest the aquarium in Las Vegas. First of all, the place is recommended for all types of audience, young and old. It is a place suitable for people from toddlers to grandparents. Moreover, the SeaQuest experience is the best thing that you share with your family because it is a world of fun and discovery that revolves around interacting with creatures from different ecosystems around the world. There are various exhibits, as well as activities for young and old folks, that are about the animals in rainforests, deserts and different seas.


These activities include getting up close and personal with stingrays, caimans, toucans and more. Imagine yourself having the opportunity to take a selfie with snakes and giant scorpions. And if you have never seen a real shark before you best place to find one is SeaQuest the aquarium Las Vegas. Not only you will find the great white shark, but you will also find several other shark species, click to know more!


For those of you who are extra daring, you can swim with the awesome stingrays. What could be more interactive and hands-on than that? You can snorkel and observe or get close enough to feed them. And while you are at it, you get to see hundreds of fishes and other marine life. Another thing you can do is to experience what is like to be in the Amazon without leaving Las Vegas.  At SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium there is an interactive exhibit of creatures from this tropical rainforest. You will get your chance to see for yourself how a water monitor actually looks like. You can also check out some swimmers like the arowana and pacu. Prepare to see plenty of iguanas, too.


Take note that you can also have a birthday party at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. If you want you can even have a mermaid attend your birthday bash. So what are you waiting for? Book your SeaQuest experience in Las Vegas now or secure an annual membership. For more information, you may also visit http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/05/world/meast/an-exclusive-peek-inside-largest-mall/.